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This programme pairs an adult volunteer, known as a “Big”, in a one-to-one relationship with a child or adolescent, called a “Little”, of the same gender.

The mentor/Big becomes a positive role model and friend to the young person.

Part A - Personal Information: Child

How long has the child been in your (Guardian) care:
If less than five (5) years, please provide a list of all former places of residence within that 5 year period.

Part A - Personal Information: Guardian

Part A - Personal Information: Parent

Part B - Background Information

Part C - Activities

Part D - Applicant Preferences

Please tell us about any preferences you may have regarding adults you would like to work with this child. Are there people you would prefer the child to work with, or feel may be particularly successful in building a relationship with him / her?

Are there some types of adults with whom you would rather the child not be Matched with??

Part E - Applicant Reference Information

Please list the names and contact information of two (2) persons that you would like to use as testimony to the child's character and potential. One (1) reference should be a teacher of the child and the other someone with whom the child has regular interaction.

Teacher Reference Data

Personal Reference Data


By Clicking the Submit button below you authorize Big Brothers Big Sisters of Trinidad & Tobago (BBBSTT) to obtain information pertaining to my history and character, as part of the screening process for participation in the programme.

I declare that all the information I gave on the online application to the programme is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that any information that I withhold or that proves to be false upon investigation can and will affect the consideration of the child for participation in the programme.

I understand that I will be given an opportunity to answer any questions that may arise from the background checks being performed.

I further understand that BBBSTT retains the right to defer or reject my application for participation in the programme, knowing that the reasons for such a decision will be made known to me.

I hereby submit this form via electronic mail and agree to this statement, in the confidence that all information disclosed to BBBSTT will be kept confidential, except if there are any legal issues which require them to be divulged. I expect that a notification will be sent to me before any such action is taken.