Heart of a Hero – Book 3



A comic designed primarily for educating youth about the realities of living with HIV and AIDS in T&T. An innovative comic book offering age-appropriate education on HIV and AIDS representing a valuable addition to a growing body of materials designed for girls and young people in general- who are recognised as being at high risk for HIV. This book offers a glimpse of realities of living with HIV and AIDS and it is our desire that by gaining an insight into this reality, the reader will understand the challenges of being HIV positive, particularly the associated Stigma and Discrimination and the hurt that is often experienced by those living with HIV and AIDS.

This publication is a powerful tool to drive home to young people the basics of HIV prevention and the need for more embracing attitudes to those already infected. A resource list of organisations where information, guidance and counselling are available in attached in the Appendix.

Proudly printed in full colour by Texprint Ltd, and published in Trinidad & Tobago!(2005)

Copies available at the Heroes Foundation.

Price: FREE