Hero – A Frances-Anne Solomon Film


In December 2012, the Heroes Foundation launched our first printing of this publication entitled “Heart of a Hero-And Justice For All”, which featured our first Advisory Board Chairman, Justice Ulric Cross ORTT. We had the privilege of presenting him with a copy of this book at that time, before his peaceful passing less than a year later in October 2013.

This publication was developed to educate and inspire the youth of Trinidad and Tobago, as part and parcel of the Foundation’s ongoing youth-centric programmed and activities designed to “Create the Next Generation of Heroes from the Current Generation of Youth”. We were naturally delighted to learn back then of the making of a movie about his life.

Now that this goal has finally been realized, we felt it was appropriate to represence this publication to the public with this additional print run, created specifically in relation to the release of “HERO”, the movie. We wish to thank our generous sponsors for supporting this exclusive and limited print run, designed specifically for the movie premieres in Toronto and Trinidad as well as the Youth Empowerment Tour.

As you will soon learn, Justice Ulric Cross’ story is a story worth telling, as many times as possible, in as many different genres as possible.  It is an ageless story for all ages, that is inspirational, awe-inspiring, and I daresay, very heroic.

On behalf of the Board and Staff of the Heroes Foundation, we wish to commend the director, creators, director, producers and promoters of this movie, for successfully completing this true labour of love. We wish them well and commit our support, on their quest to ensure that Justice Cross’ story reaches many eyes, ears, and hearts of persons worldwide.

Philip Julien
Founder & Chairman
The Heroes Foundation