Heroes Convention 7


Heroes Convention 7

The Heroes Conventions have always been the Foundation’s flagship events which provide an opportunity for all our youth, stakeholders and other collaborative entities to showcase their involvement/contribution towards positive youth development in our society.

The Heroes Convention 7 is an opportunity for the Foundation to highlight relevant social topics in an environment where attending youth, and the general public, are shown opportunities where they can become more involved with improving their communities, and the future of our nation.

Several displays, booth exhibits, key presentations and performances, all done by the youth, and for the youth of our schools will form the specific offerings for HC7.  The activities associated with introduction of the theme and starting the production process with the young people has already begun in the fifteen (15) secondary schools where our on-going Youth Development Program (YDP) has been in existence since 2004. In these and the one (1) pilot project in a primary school, the YDP enjoys an annual enrolment of approximately four hundred and fifty (450) students throughout the country.

The “Heroes For Life” theme will include sub-themes all in support of choosing life over non-life and alternatives to a life of crime reflecting positive youth development. The theme has been presented to the youth in our schools and it has been embraced by the young people. HF has engaged with some of the national stakeholders and subject matter experts (SMEs) – NADAAP, the National Drug Council, the National Crime Prevention Committee (NCPP) and the Police Youth Clubs to ensure the validity,   relevance and authenticity of information and statistical data to the youth.

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