Heroes of A Nation #5 Launch


Saturday 5th October 2019, Port-of-Spain: The Heroes Foundation is proud to have joined with the Proman family of companies and the University of Trinidad and Tobago to celebrate Professor Kenneth S. Julien (Emeritus), T.C. and his sterling contribution to the positive transformation of Trinidad and Tobago’s economy with the launch the Heroes of a Nation comic book- “Powered Up – The Ken Julien Story”.

Launched at the UTT Point Lisas Energy Campus, which Prof. Julien played a lead role in establishing, “Powered Up”shares his story of inspiration, perseverance and patriotism.  Attending government officials, industry leaders, heads of business, and academia all lauded Prof. Julien’s work and legacy, with speakers tracing his historic journey as an educator, and visionary leader in the energy sector, particularly the downstream industries.

Minister of Education, Anthony Garcia noted that “Prof. Julien’s has consistently displayed the qualities of dedication, hard work and outstanding public service.  This book is meant to archive Prof. Julien’s historic life in a visually appealing, exciting format. In so doing, we are not only preserving his rich, exemplary legacy of perseverance and patriotism, but also, we are educating the current and future generations on understanding the significant role Professor Julien has played in shaping our beloved country.”

Chairman of the National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago (NGC), Conrad Enill noted that because of the pioneering work done by Prof. Julien, “today, we boast of the Trinidad and Tobago gas model of development for gas-based industrialisation which we discuss with pride around the world.”

Delivering remarks on behalf of Proman at the event, CEO of CNC/N2000, Jerome Dookie said, “Prof. Julien is without a doubt one of our nation’s greatest heroes. While leading the Energy Co-ordinating Task Force, Professor Julien spear-headed the effort that established Point Lisas and ultimately led to Trinidad and Tobago being a major force in the global petrochemical sector.”

Highlighting the “symbiotic relationship” between all parts of the fully integrated natural gas value chain, comprising the upstream, downstream and midstream players, Jerome added, “Throughout this value chain, from exploration and production of natural gas all the way through export of the finished petrochemical products, significant economic activity is generated both directly and indirectly through support industries that provide materials and services, creation of employment, generation of foreign exchange, and of course, royalties and taxation.  As a country, we have benefitted tremendously from Prof. Julien’s pioneering role in the development of this sector, and our lives would not be the same without it.”

The official book launch was undertaken by Founder and Chairman of The Heroes Foundation, Philip Julien, who spoke of his personal experience with Prof. Julien.  “What struck me about his story,” noted Philip, “was the number of ‘cameo appearances’ who supported him throughout his life, who all had fundamentally the same message for him: ‘We believe in you, and we’re here to help.’  He heard and felt that positive message so impactfully throughout his life, that by the time he and Dr. Eric Williams, the first Prime Minister of our country, found each other those many years ago, Dad had mentally ‘flipped the script’ and instead, was able to say to Dr. Williams: ‘I believe in you, and I’m here to help.’”

Professor Julien shared a few words of deep gratitude to his wife, Mrs. Patricia Julien, and expressed his appreciation to all those in attendance, which also included Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago Deputy Governor, Dr. Sandra Sookram, UTT President Professor Sarim Al-Zubaidy, as well as several senior faculty members at UTT, Proman board member, Claus Cronberger, and several executive members from the Proman family of companies.


We Can be Heroes!

Prof. Julien has offered to visit schools that receive copies of “Powered Up – The Ken Julien Story” should the students who read it have any questions for him.  Though the Heroes Foundation only has a limited print run currently available, any school interested in this offer can send their request to info@theheroesfoundation.com.

Additionally, corporate entity wishing to support further print runs to benefit schools or community can also contact the Heroes Foundation.