Heroes of a Nation – Book 1



The story in the comic book is broken up into major and landmark occasions that have impacted upon this team’s progress. This story is seen through the eyes of a passionate and loyal fan that also experienced the November 19th 1989 match between T&T and the USA. It highlights his faith in his team mixed with his emotions of the progress of the team over the years, which ultimately leads up to their historic win in Bahrain and the celebrations after.

The team that came together for the production of this Comic Book were Terrence Ragoonanan (Script Writer), Shaun Riaz Mohammed and Marvin Leach (Illustrators), Rangie Persad (Digital Colouring, Imagery & Lettering), Candice Lalla (Project Co-ordinator) and Philip Julien (Editor) (2006).

Copies available at the Heroes Foundation.

Price: TT$30.00