It Takes A Hero



It Takes a Hero – A Trinidad and Tobago Project

Trinidad and Tobago have been plagued by an increasingly high crime rate, especially among young men ages 9 to 16. We have seen the young men in this age group dying as a result of gang violence over this same period. In an effort to reduce crime and violence in these communities, a number of interventions are being implemented.

When asked by the Heroes Foundation to design and implement a program for a Secondary School in Trinidad and Tobago, I was honored to be able to work with the young men of this institution because I had been working with marginalized communities for a decade and had a passion for youth. The Heroes Foundation provided the facilitation of this project, and the British High Commission was the main donor. The project was titled “It Takes a Hero”.

The Heroes Foundation (HF) is a registered non-profit organization that was established to serve the needs of youth in Trinidad & Tobago. The Foundation’s reason for existence is to nurture the Next Generation of Heroes. This is achieved primarily through the creation and promotion of mentorship activities, by youth and for youth. It is our mission to ensure that the young people we work with are exposed to opportunities where they may practice acts of selflessness, are exposed to mentorship activities, and sometimes, are themselves mentored …

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