About Us


Who We Are

The Heroes Foundation (HF) is a registered non-profit organization that was established in October 2002 to service the needs of youth in Trinidad & Tobago.

The Foundation’s reason for existence is to nurture the Next Generation of Heroes. This is achieved primarily through our creation and promotion of mentorship activities, by the youth and for the youth. It is our mission to ensure that the young people we work with are exposed to opportunities where they may practice acts of selflessness, are exposed to mentorship activities, and sometimes, are themselves mentored.

This mission has afforded the Foundation direct access to the people’s views on leadership, community and responsibility, which has resulted in a startling realization – that now, more than ever before, this Country Needs Heroes.

It is universally accepted that youth need positive role models and the opportunity to participate in improving their own communities. This enables them to develop the confidence and life skills necessary to become leaders and mentors to the next generation.

What We Do?

We at the Heroes Foundation believe that our youth’s moral base is crumbling. Low self-esteem, apathy and materialism (“what’s in it for me”) permeate their ranks, which inevitably feed the vicious cycle of crime and violence.

The youth’s definition of “Hero” has been skewed in some cases beyond recognition – to now embrace individuals who display lawlessness, machismo, and who “get away with it”, in terms of breaking the law. We intend to be part of this Nation’s endeavours to address this concern.

The Foundation’s Ultimate Goal is to improve the youth’s self-belief, by exposing them to positive achievers and achievements, and by empowering them to make a positive difference in someone else’s life.

Primary Goal

The organization has established projects and programmes that are in-line with our founding mission:

“To provide a source of inspiration to Trinidad and Tobago’s youth, by fostering an appreciation of Local Achievers and the Concept of Heroism”.

HF aims to inspire youth to be proactive citizens and to become positive change agents in their areas of infuence. We work to provide them with the opportunities and knowledge to improve themselves and their communities.

The Foundation endeavors to see youth become more engaged as citizens of the country, creating positive change at both the community and national levels. By means of our programmes and activities we are hopeful that youth, and adults alike, will be motivated to participate in helping to create a brighter, better future for the country.

How Do We Achieve Our Goal?

Heroes Convention has always been the Foundation’s flagship event which provides an opportunity for all our stakeholders and other NGOs to showcase their involvement/contribution towards positive change in our society.

The Convention is an opportunity for the Foundation to highlight relevant social topics in an environment where attending youth, and the general public, are shown opportunities where they can become more involved with improving their communities, and the future of our nation.

The Foundation has always had a unique “heroic” offering – our promotion of young local artists in the sequential art genre (comic books). It is significant to promote our country’s raw local talent, and to fuel our youths’ imaginations and creativity. HF presently supports two publications- Heart of a Hero (HOAH) and Heroes of a Nation (HOAN). These books are based on social topics relevant to today’s youth and also highlight heroic undertakings of individuals, focusing on how they achieve their goals.

The Convention also allows the Foundation to showcase our Heroic Highlights, which are small tributes to people in the national community that have displayed positive values and promote the concepts of achievement and selflessness.

HF has expanded its vision to include other areas in which people can achieve great things or display a heroic spirit. Through engaging teenagers in school & community projects in the Youth Development Programme and mentoring in our Big Brothers Big Sisters programme, the Heroes Foundation continues to give our national community opportunities to explore how they too can become Heroes.

The Foundation’s Board of Directors are:

Philip Julien (Founder and Chairman Emeritus)

Joel Pemberton (Chairman)

Lawrence Arjoon (Chief Executive Officer)

Roshni Rajnarinesingh-Saith (Corporate Secretary)

Patricia Narayansingh

Darryl White

Anthony Sabga III

Mushtaq Mohammed